Emu Oil Deep Penetrating Skin Repair - Maximum Age Control Moisturizing Serum - Anti Wrinkle & Anti Aging Face & Body Skin Care - 8 OZ Easy Pump Bottle - A Moisturizing & Healing Phenomenon!

Indulge your skin in an amazing blend of oils that work wonders on the skin. The unique, proprietary process increases the moisturizing properties by 100%, giving you twice the power of ordinary emu oil. Two times more rich antioxidants and essential fatty acids that fend off premature aging, even skin tone and aid in regenerating the skin. These deep penetrating oils combine to illuminate your complexion, creating a healthy appearance and feel, without leaving a greasy feeling behind. As skin ages it is gradually depleted of essential nutrients and oils. Skin becomes dry and dull and loses its inner healthy glow. Our innovation which is created for aging skin: A unique blend of natural oils (Triple Refined Emu Oil, Olive Fruit Oil) selected for their ability to replenish skin and restore a healthy looking glow to even dry, dull skin. Ultra-fast absorption leaves skin feeling deeply nourished, yet lightweight with no greasy residue. Our unique lightweight texture glides on skin effortlessly. Instantly sinks in to give skin a silky, smooth finish. A product so refined that it absorbs quickly for all-day hydration. So lightweight that skin feels soft & smooth, never greasy. Skin is nourished, hydrated, restored and glowing. See visible results instantly. Skin that is nourished & hydrated appears brighter, more radiant & over time your skin is replenished. Grab our amazing product and see the difference! You're simply a click away from tapping into the most effective source of satisfaction you've ever experienced. You deserve the top quality of life you've usually wished for!


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